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Dubuffet Drawings, 1935–1962

Master silkscreener Tom Black and his team deftly printed graphics onto the Morgan’s gallery walls.


This exhibition at The Morgan Library & Museum was the first museum retrospective of works on paper by Jean Dubuffet. Inspired by such sources as children’s drawings, graffiti, and the art of psychiatric patients, the French artist challenged the art world’s notions of good taste. His enthusiasm and thirst for discovery was illustrated through his depiction of mundane subject matter, his use of unorthodox materials, and in the work’s scratched and torn surfaces — a byproduct of the process of finding form.

This exhibition included approximately one hundred works. Dubuffet’s bold, unapologetic spirit inspired our design of the exhibition graphics: thick, chunky type, bright colors, and simple image handling complemented the curator’s straightforward approach to displaying the works themselves.

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Creative direction | Exhibition graphic design