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Overview: Columbia Maison Française website and identity



The updated CMF’s visual branding was applied to electronic communications, developed to keep audiences apprised of upcoming events and news.


For more than 100 years the Columbia Maison Française has been a cultural and intellectual hub in New York. The organization hosts talks, roundtable discussions, conferences, seminars, and screenings featuring some of the world’s great thinkers, leaders, and experts. From celebrities to politicians, these figures have regularly crossed the Maison’s threshold to become part of the organization’s rich history.

The CMF asked us for two things: 1. to redesign their website to work with new technologies and appeal to multiple audiences, and 2. to strengthen their visual identity.

The updated mobile-forward site serves multiple functions, reflecting the many offerings of the Maison. It includes a history and overview of the organization, filterable listings of events with the ability to sign up, a news and media section with video and image banks, a spotlight of their space rental offerings, a tool for online giving, and links to the Maison’s centennial site.

One challenge the Maison’s visual identity presented was their existing logo: its width forced it to become too small when used in compact spaces. To address this, we developed a condensed, abbreviated version specifically for use on mobile browsers. This, along with strategic use of the typeface DIN and new colors that would rotate out annually on the website, helped strengthen the Maison’s visual branding in both print and web materials.

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